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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

St. Roch (San Roque)


St. Roch known locally as San Roque, is a very popular saint in the Philippines. We always identify him as the saint, with the dog. A TV show called “Aso ni San Roque” (The Dog of St. Roch) features the saint’s dog.

I found out just today that he is the saint against the plague (in Europe). I always thought that the wound that he often shows in his statues are wounds from dog bites (with rabies). These wounds are actually acquired from the Bubonic plague.

His dog, according to Wikipedia, belonging to a nobleman named Gothard Palastrelli. It supplied him with bread and licked his wounds, healing it.

This statue of St. Roch is located at Angono, Rizal.

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