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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ganito Kalapit Ang Dayuhan Kay Rizal

ganito sila kalapit kay rizal 2

distance to rizal

I’m a big fan of the Amazing Race. I first watched it when then first visited Manila in 2004 (The Amazing Race Season 5). I re-discovered this TV show just this year. It’s already airing Season 20 at that time. So I began watching The Amazing Race backwards (from 20 to 19, 18, 17…) until I reached Season 5.

I became so envious when I saw that the participants of this reality show got SO CLOSE to the monument of Jose Rizal to think that they’re Americans.

I first took picture of Jose Rizal’s monument in October 23, 2011 and there is a barrier (and guards) that won’t let you take a closer step towards his monument. I used my digicam (Canon A495) when I took this picture. I haven’t zoom in the lens yet but you get the idea how far the barrier from Rizal’s monument is.

I do hope that the management of Rizal Park could let us, Filipinos, take a closer shot at OUR national hero’s monument.

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